1 Gallon Holiday Popcorn Tin Gift With Handle
1 Gallon Holiday Popcorn Tin Gift With Handle
1 Gallon Holiday Popcorn Tin Gift With Handle
CMYK, Pantones, Metallic, Spot color etc
L(17)*W(17)*H(18) cm
Sea freight, air freight, land transportation
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Product details
Essential details
Color:CMYK, Pantones, Metallic, Spot color etc
Lead time:30 days
Size:L(17)*W(17)*H(18) cm
Shipping:Sea freight, air freight, land transportation
Product Code:Popcorn Tin BRP-002F
Package Description:Cartons or Pallets
Product Introduction

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1 Gallon Holiday Popcorn Tin Gift With Handle

1. Description:

We would like to introduce our exciting product that is sure to make a lasting impression on your customers and increase your sales. Presenting our 1 gallon popcorn tin gift, measuring Φ170x180mmH, with personalized holiday themed artwork.

At Brilliant Tin, we understand the importance of standing out from the competition, especially during festive seasons. Our holiday popcorn tin is designed to do just that. With the option of adding your logo or slogan embossing, you can create a truly unique and memorable gift for your customers. This personalized touch will not only enhance brand recognition but also foster customer loyalty.

2. Usage: 

Our holiday popcorn can is suitable for various promotional events throughout the year. From Easter to Valentine's Day, Halloween to Christmas, and even New Year holidays, our versatile product fits seamlessly into any festive occasion. It makes for an excellent gift choice for your customers, employees, or as a promotional giveaway.

3. Material:

One of the key advantages of our Christmas popcorn tin is its eco-friendliness. We pride ourselves on producing products that are 100% environmentally friendly. By opting for our popcorn tin, you can promote your brand while also conveying a message of sustainability to your customers. This resonates well with consumers who are increasingly conscious of their ecological footprint.


As a holiday popcorn tin supplier in China, we guarantee factory-direct prices without compromising on quality. We take pride in providing a personalized and satisfying service to each of our clients. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your order, from artwork customization to on-time delivery, is handled efficiently and with utmost care.

We would love to discuss your specific requirements and how our premium popcorn tin can help boost your sales during the upcoming holiday season. We are confident that our product will exceed your expectations, leaving a lasting impression on both your customers and your bottom line.

Any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Email: info@tinboxcn.com

Product details
1 Gallon Holiday Popcorn Tin Gift With Handle

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