Flush Round Tea Tin Can With Sleeve Lid and Customized Printing
CMYK, Pantones, Metallic, Spot color etc
L(7)*W(7)*H(15.4) cm
Sea freight, air freight, land transportation
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Product details
Essential details
Color:CMYK, Pantones, Metallic, Spot color etc
Lead time:30 days
Size:L(7)*W(7)*H(15.4) cm
Shipping:Sea freight, air freight, land transportation
Product Code:Tea Tin Box BRTE-006
Package Description:Cartons or Pallets
Product Introduction

Flush Round Tea Tin Can With Sleeve Lid and Customized Printing

1. Description:

We are delighted to introduce our tea tin product, which we believe may be of interest to you for various sales and promotional activities throughout the year.

Our decorative tea tin is designed with dimensions of Φ70x154mmH, featuring a curled-inward edge with an invisible lip for a sleek and sophisticated appearance. It is equipped with a plug lid and inner sleeve, ensuring a flush and secure closure. The tin can also be customized with printing options and the ability to emboss your logo, further enhancing your brand's visibility.

2. Usage: 

Our premium tea tin caddy are versatile and suitable for a range of occasions and holidays, including Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas Day, and New Year holidays. By leveraging our tea tins for your sales and promotional activities during these festive seasons, you can enhance your product offering and cater to the unique demands of your customers.

3. Material:

Our custom tea tins are not only aesthetically pleasing but also made from 100% eco-friendly raw materials, specifically tinplate. This ensures that our product is both sustainable and environmentally friendly, aligning with the growing demand for eco-conscious packaging options.


As a trusted Chinese tea tin factory, tea canister supplier, custom tea tin wholesaler, and tin can manufacturer, we prioritize the quality and affordability of our products. We guarantee exceptional value for your investment, enabling you to offer high-quality tea tins to your customers while still maintaining a competitive price point.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of prompt delivery and reliable service. With our efficient production processes and experienced team, we can assure you of fast delivery times without compromising on product quality. Our commitment to excellence extends to our customer service, and we are dedicated to providing assistance and support throughout your engagement with us.

We would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with further information on our tea tin packagings. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Email: info@tinboxcn.com

Product details

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