Decorative 5 OZ Candle Tin Can With Sleeve Lid and Flush Appearance
CMYK, Pantones, Metallic, Spot color etc
L(8.2)*W(8.2)*H(5) cm
Sea freight, air freight, land transportation
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Product details
Essential details
Color:CMYK, Pantones, Metallic, Spot color etc
Lead time:30 days
Size:L(8.2)*W(8.2)*H(5) cm
Shipping:Sea freight, air freight, land transportation
Product Code:Candle Tin BRWA-006
Package Description:Cartons or Pallets
Product Introduction

Decorative 5 OZ Candle Tin Can With Sleeve Lid and Flush Appearance

1. Description:

We are thrilled to introduce our latest product, the 5 oz candle tin in Φ82x50mmH size. This customized candle tin offers a flush appearance with an invisible lip, giving it a sleek and modern look that is sure to add value to your brand.

One of the key features of our candle tin is the option for personalized printing, allowing you to showcase your logo or any other design to create a truly unique and eye-catching product. Additionally, we also offer logo embossing, providing an elegant and sophisticated touch.

2. Usage: 

Our decorative candle tins are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. Its compact size makes it perfect for everyday use and travel use, while its durability ensures it can withstand the rigors of both. Furthermore, with the holiday season fast approaching, it is an excellent choice for holiday promotions, particularly for Black Friday, Christmas and New Year celebrations.

3. Material:

We take pride in our commitment to environmental sustainability. Our custom candle tins are made from 100% recyclable raw material tinplate, ensuring that it is both eco-friendly and good for the environment. By choosing our product, you can demonstrate your brand's dedication to a greener future.


As the leading wax tin supplier in China and a trusted candle tin manufacturer, we guarantee high quality, fast lead times, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service. We have established a stellar reputation in the industry and are confident that our product will surpass your expectations.

We would love the opportunity to discuss how our 5 oz candle tin packaging enhance your brand. Please reach out to us at your earliest convenience to schedule a voice meeting or request a sample. We are excited to collaborate with you and contribute to the success of your brand.

Any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


Product details

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