Personalized Rectangular Swiss Milk Chocolate Tin With Flush Appearance
CMYK, Pantones, Metallic, Spot color etc
L(11.2)*W(9.5)*H(4.2) cm
Sea freight, air freight, land transportation
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Product details
Essential details
Color:CMYK, Pantones, Metallic, Spot color etc
Lead time:30 days
Size:L(11.2)*W(9.5)*H(4.2) cm
Shipping:Sea freight, air freight, land transportation
Product Code:Rectangular Chocolate Tin BRCH-004
Package Description:Cartons or Pallets
Product Introduction

Personalized Rectangular Swiss Milk Chocolate Tin With Flush Appearance


1. Description:

This rectangular chocolate tin measures 119x95x42mm. Its lid features a curled-inward edge, while the tin body is indented, creating a beautiful and premium appearance. This design element makes the lip of the tin invisible, adding to its flush look. Moreover, the tin can be personalized with exquisite branded artworks, and we can also emboss your logo or slogan onto it. This customization will undoubtedly make the tin attractive and eye-catching to your potential customers.

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the delicate metal tin packaging can also enhance the sales of your product and raise brand awareness.

2. Usage: 

This decorative chocolate tin can be used for packaging various items such as chocolates, candies, biscuits, cookies, shortbread, and snacks. Additionally, it can be employed for holiday promotions, including Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and New Year festivities.

3. Material:

Made of high-quality tinplate, our customized chocolate tin box is not only visually appealing but also eco-friendly. It is 100% safe for the environment and does not cause any pollution.


As a professional chocolate tin factory and custom chocolate tin box supplier since 2009, we understand the importance of product quality to our customers. Therefore, we are committed to providing excellent tailored service to meet your specific requirements.

We would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you would like further information. Thank you for considering our chocolate tin packaging.

Any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


Product details

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